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12 Wedding Day Emergency Kit Essentials

The job of a wedding planner has a lot of moving parts including finding the venue and figuring out what kind of food, music, and decorations to order. But, after the invitations are in the mail and the caterer has been booked, a wedding planner's job is not over. You don't get a "re-do" to make the bride's day the best day of her life. No matter how long you've been in the business, the unexpected can happen, and when it does, you need to be prepared for those pesky wedding day emergencies. Having the necessary supplies on-hand to tackle problems are a key part of a wedding planner's job. 

The following are key items that should be included in every wedding planner's wedding day emergency kit. 

  1. Facial blotting papers for reducing the shine on a woman's face (and let's not forget the men in attendance).

  2. Cotton swabs are key if you need to tackle makeup mishaps like smudged mascara and too much cheek blush.

  3. A pair of tweezers needs to be included for runaway eyebrow hairs. They'll come in handy for those unexpected splinters especially if the wedding is outside and shoes will eventually be taken off).

  4. Green floral tape and pins are a "must-have" item in case a boutonniere needs to be fashioned or adjusted.

  5. Moleskin bandages of various sizes will help prevent or ease the pain of blisters caused by a new pair of shoes.

  6. White chalk (for masking stains on a white wedding gown) is a quick fix for what would otherwise be a significant disaster.

  7. Hem tape, double-sided fashion tape, and safety pins in white, black, and ecru to repair dresses and pants. These items will go far to keep pant cuffs and hemlines on dresses even (and where they should be). You never know when a label or a neckline will need fixing and these items (along with safety pins) can handle a lot of wardrobe malfunctions. 

  8. Anti-static spray to prevent skirts and dresses from clinging to the skin, which is unattractive and uncomfortable for everyone.

  9. Hard candy in case of dry mouth, sudden low blood sugar, or those typical wedding day jitters. If the hard candy has a flavor (e.g., butterscotch), then make sure you have breath mints on-hand as well.

  10. Acetaminophen (because it's a pain reliever that's easy on the stomach), chewable antacids (if the jitters start taking a toll), and anti-diarrheal medication in case of illness (not uncommon even on the happiest of all days).

  11. An elegant, spare pen, just in case one is needed for the guest book. And be safe and bring a ballpoint which won't drip like a fountain pen.

  12. A candle lighter (with a long handle) because wedding days are often illuminated with not just the bride's smile but mood-producing votive candles.

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