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One of the most important parts of a wedding....

What makes a wedding really great, a night to remember? There's quite a long road between "I will" and "I do", months (or sometimes years) of preparations for the big day. With wedding planning comes choices, and let's just say, there's no shortage of them. From the wedding cake to the dress, the venue to the centerpieces, the entertainment to the food…the list goes on and the choices seem endless. If choosing isn't enough, there's always another aspect to consider—money. Unfortunately, it's reality, we all (or at least most of us) have to deal with the dreaded budget. How much should I spend, and on what? It's a great question, and one for which there's no perfect formula. It's just too personal of a decision with far too many factors to depend on a generic budget. But, that hasn't stopped many from trying, with websites and articles telling you what a "typical" wedding should cost and what you should spend on each vendor or component.

Let's talk specifics. Let's say you choose to go with a DJ, as many couples do. At first glance, it seems like you're hiring someone to play a few hours of music for people to dance to, how much difference can that really make on the event? Surprisingly for many, your DJ may have more interaction with your guests than any other vendor! Consider that a typical wedding will last about six hours on average, quite possibly up to eight hours. Most vendors and elements play a part during the night (some more than others), but your DJ may very well be there for that entire period of time. That means, from the time your guests arrive until they head back to the hotel, your DJ will be impacting the experience you and your guests have. What's more, once the vows are read, the cake is cut, and the toasts are given, the success of the rest of the night falls almost solely on the shoulders of your DJ. That means, a great DJ can be the difference between your guests sneaking out after they finish their cake and a packed dance floor when it's last call.

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